Greece, the Culture


32 pages
Contains Photos, Index
ISBN 0-86505-308-1
DDC 949.5




Illustrations by Susan Tolonen
Reviewed by Lisa Arsenault

Lisa Arsenault is an elementary-school teacher in Ajax, Ontario.


The land, the people, and the culture of Greece are explored in these
informative and richly illustrated books.

Greece: The Land looks at the importance of Greeceā€™s location in the
Mediterranean Sea, the history of the various ancient civilizations, the
overlordship of Turkey for 400 years, and the use of land for farming,
industry, and transportation.

In Greece: The People, everyday life in ancient Greece is compared and
contrasted with modern life. The slowly changing role of women, the
rearing of children, and the various recreational activities available
in city and rural areas are among the topics covered.

Greece: The Culture concentrates on the classical era, providing
summaries of the ancient myths, short biographies of famous philosophers
and scientists, and samples of representative painting, sculpture,
architecture, and literature. We learn how these traditional arts have
been modified to suit present-day circumstances. Clothing, food, and
other essential aspects of life are detailed.

These books are packed with interesting information, presented in a
reader-friendly style. The author uses sidebars to highlight additional
facts and suggestions for utilizing information. For example, Greece:
The Culture explains how to start your own oral tradition in the style
of the ancient epic poets, Greece: The People has a linguistic puzzle
for the reader to solve, and Greece: The Land has a handy timeline that
allows quick identification of important historical events.

Current concerns such as pollution, destruction of natural resources,
and overpopulation in the large cities are addressed. Supplementing the
text are beautiful color photographs, diagrams, and maps. A glossary of
terms and an index round out each volume. Highly recommended for those
wishing to research, or simply appreciate, beautiful Greece.


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