Anthropology: A Student's Guide to Theory and Method


270 pages
Contains Bibliography, Index
ISBN 0-8020-7833-8
DDC 301'.01




Reviewed by James S. Frideres

James S. Frideres is associate dean (research) in the Faculty of Social
Sciences at the University of Calgary and the author of A World of
Communities: Participatory Research.


This lucid and highly readable introduction to anthropology traces the
development of the discipline over the past century, explains in
practical terms how to carry out fieldwork and how to analyze
qualitative data, provides useful and accessible discussions of a number
of anthropological theories, and identifies important questions facing
researchers who are just entering the field. The book is filled with
interesting examples from a broad range of research endeavors undertaken
by the author.

If there is any weakness in the book, it is that Barrett never gets
around to showing how the worlds of thought and empiricism are linked.
Nevertheless, senior- or graduate-level students who are planning to
engage in empirical research will find his book invaluable.


Barrett, Stanley R., “Anthropology: A Student's Guide to Theory and Method,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed December 4, 2023,