90 pages
ISBN 0-88887-171-6
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Reviewed by Bert Almon

Bert Almon is a professor of English at the University of Alberta and a
poet. He is the author of Calling Texas, Earth Prime, and Mind the Gap.


Fred Cogswell is one of our finest translators of poetry from the
French. His translation of the poems of Emile Nelligan is a classic. The
best works in this latest collection are the translations, where he
clearly shows that he can capture the formal qualities of French poets
because he can use rhyme in a subtle way. He can even give readable
versions of Gautier, a poet notoriously hard to find in English. Some of
his original poems are cast in strict forms like the villanelle. The way
of saying is more complex in some cases than what is said. This is a
good collection by a seasoned poet.


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