Innovation, Science, Environment: Canadian Policies and Performance, 2006–2007


246 pages
Contains Illustrations, Bibliography
ISBN 0-7735-3072-X
DDC 352.7'45'0971




Edited by G. Bruce Doern
Reviewed by Alex Curran

Alex Curran is a former member of both the National Advisory Board on
Science and Technology and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research
Council. He was chair of the Telecommunications Sectoral Advisory
Committee on Free Trade and the first recipien


G. Bruce Doern is a professor of public administration and public policy
at Carleton University. In this volume, the first in the Innovation,
Science, Environment series, he has gathered together 10 scholarly
papers that explore Canadian responses to the challenge of sustainable
development as manifested through a wide range of ISE policies.

The book is divided into two parts: “Macro ISE Policy Issues and
Institutions” and “Sectoral or Area ISE Policy Issues and
Institutions.” Individual chapters are devoted to changing ISE
policies under the Martin Liberal government, a comparison of Canadian
and U.K. innovation policies, the evolving mandate of the Social
Sciences and Humanities Research Council, innovation strategy and the
mineral sector, source water protection and local innovation, the role
of Canadian Environmental Technology Advancement Centres (CETACs), and
information disclosure as an environmental policy instrument and
self-regulatory tool, among other topics. N. Bruce Baskerville of the
National Research Council of Canada contributes a paper on the NRCC
response to the innovation challenge.

Innovation, Science, Environment is definitely not an easy read. It is
aimed primarily at researchers in the field of political science.
Despite the demands it places on the reader, the book should also be
read by CEOs of Canadian businesses as part of their strategic planning


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