Chora 3: Intervals in the Philosophy of Architecture


340 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations, Bibliography
ISBN 0-7735-1712-X
DDC 720'.1




Edited by Alberto Perez-Gomez and Stephen Parcell
Reviewed by James A. Love

James A. Love is a professor of architecture in the Faculty of
Environmental Design and an adjunct professor of mechanical engineering
at the University of Calgary. His latest publication (in press) is the
Illuminating Engineering Society’s Recommended


This volume is one of a series presenting essays primarily by students
and staff of the graduate program in the history and theory of
architecture at McGill University headed by Alberto Perez-Gomez. Most of
the thoroughly researched essays in Chora 3 address historical topics
such as the writings of architect Siegfried Kracauer and 16th-century
architect Juan Battista Villalpando’s “literary and visual
reconstruction of the temple of Solomon.” Alberto Perez-Gomez is the
Saidye Rosner Bronfman professor of architecture at McGill University,
and Stephen Parcell is an associate professor of architecture at
Dalhousie University.


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