Healthy and Well


96 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-13-244195-0
DDC 613'.0433




Photos by Birgitte Nielson
Reviewed by Alison Mews

Alison Mews is co-ordinator of the Centre for Instructional Services at
The Memorial University of Newfoundland.


Part of the Lifechoices series, these two books cover topics of
preoccupation for teenagers—food and friendships. The books are
designed to resemble teen magazines, employing color, fonts, cartoons,
and photos to make them attractive to teens. The topics are presented in
brief bursts of information with eye-catching headlines.

Healthy and Well covers the gamut of health education, from nutrition,
fitness, and sex ed to smoking, stress, and depression. The writing
style is direct and without condescension, and real-life stories are
often used to illustrate the point being made. We hear of Sheena’s
struggle with anorexia, Rick’s realization of his gayness, and
Nicky’s balancing act between baby bottles and homework. The emphasis
is on choice, prevention, and the empowerment that knowledge can give.
Many helpful tips are given to improve daily life and develop lifelong
healthy habits.

Healthy Relationships covers all aspects of interpersonal relations,
starting with self-esteem and communication skills. In addressing such
topics as peer pressure, AIDS, and sexual assault, the author makes an
effort to counteract the negative impact of the media and of
stereotypical expectations of society on young females. Inspirational
stories of teens like Severn Cullis Suzuki are presented, along with
cautionary tales of teen runaways. As in the other book, selections are
brief and drawn from previously published material in Canadian sources
like Chatelaine and The Edmonton Journal. Although no one issue is
covered in depth, the sheer variety of topics give teens plenty to
ponder or discuss in classroom situations. Highly recommended.


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