The G.I. Diet Clinic: Rick Gallop's Week-by-Week Guide to Permanent Weight Loss.


312 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 978-0-679-31439-4
DDC 613.2'5





Reviewed by Tanya Rogoschewsky

Tanya Rogoschewsky is a librarian at Red Deer College in Red Deer,


Rick Gallop, the successful author of a number of books touting the benefits of a G.I. diet for weight loss, has now assembled his eating philosophy into The G.I. Diet Clinic, which is part dieter’s workbook, part nutrition coaching guide, and part cookbook. The principles of the G.I. diet are relatively simple. Instead of focusing on calories, low fat, or low carb, foods are rated based on the “glycemic index.” This system ranks food based on how they affect your blood sugar levels. Low G.I. foods like vegetables and unrefined carbohydrates are broken down more slowly by the body, which Gallop claims will keep you feeling full longer while keeping your energy levels stable. Foods are divided into red, yellow, and green. While on the G.I. diet clinic program, participants are recommended to eat 90 percent of their foods from the green section.


The book doesn’t offer much in the way of new information for the seasoned dieter (don’t graze, plan your meals, avoid emotional eating), but it does provide a balanced, reasonable approach to long-term weight loss and health management without unrealistic promises for instant weight loss. The book is organized around a 13-week program for weight loss and includes sample menu plans, grocery lists, and recipes for each week that would be helpful tools for those unsure of where to start or those who require a little extra guidance.


Relatively free of jargon and with plenty of common sense advice, the guide also includes a large number of quotes from participants in Gallop’s e-clinic, and readers will enjoy reading about other people struggles and solutions to common weight loss obstacles like the holiday dinner.


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