The Black Pyramid, Book 2: The Mole Wars.


384 pages
ISBN 978-0-00-200574-6
DDC jC813'.6




Reviewed by Christina Pike

Christina Pike is a member of the Evaluation Division, Department of
Education, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.


J. Fitzgerald McCurdy in The Black Pyramid continues the saga of the mole wars with this second book. The story picks up with Steele Miller and his friends Riley and Mac outside of Maddie Fey’s limousine in a strange city, in their words “turning blue from the cold.” Left to their own devices, the trio soon realize they are in Chicago and begin their quest to find the lost children. This is not to be an easy fight, though, and there are many times during the adventure that each of the friends questions the others’ intentions. In the end the fight against Darkness is not only for their survival but the survival of all mankind.


The Black Pyramid reminds us all about our own insecurities and inefficiencies. A good read filled with suspense. Highly recommended.


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