Man of Bone


186 pages
ISBN 0-86492-229-9
DDC C813'.54





Reviewed by Ted Thring

Ted Thring is a book reviewer for the Queen’s University radio


Imagine being kidnapped by terrorists in a Third World nation. Shackled,
hooded, tortured, abused, isolated, starved, drugged—Man of Bone
vividly describes the ordeal of Bill Burridge, a Canadian diplomat on
the island of Santa Irene.

During his captivity, Burridge is reduced to a babbling skeleton whose
delusions give rise to a series of flashbacks. We learn of his courtship
and marriage, of the birth of his son, and of his career prior to his
posting in Santa Irene. Back in the present, his delusions take on the
form of fantasies in which he escapes and takes revenge on his captors.
The author’s experiences with the Immigration and Refugee Board lend
authenticity to this superb thriller.


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