Leap into Literacy: Teaching the Tough Stuff So It Sticks!


128 pages
Contains Illustrations, Bibliography, Index
ISBN 978-1-55138-212-8
DDC 371.102




Reviewed by Julie Pajuluoma


“Leap into Literacy” takes an innovative look at teaching literacy skills to students of all ages. In the book, Lundy presents creative and artistic techniques for teaching reading and writing in a way that allows students to be actively involved in classroom activities. The book focuses on creating excitement about literacy using poetry, drama, role-play, and imagery.


While students are enjoying school, they feel confident about what they are learning. It is important for students to be comfortable with both the teacher and their peers to learn efficiently. Teachers can help students develop literacy skills by promoting active learning through new and innovative methods. While it is important to have a lesson plan, it is equally important to be flexible and to allow for opportunities to promote spontaneous learning.


A variety of ways to incorporate literacy into the classroom is discussed. Poetry is especially effective in that students can connect personally and gain interest in the expression of language. Jazz chants, choral readings, and role-playing promote oral reading skills and creativity through performance. It is important to find ways to create synergies within the curriculum and connect lessons together for efficient learning. Each topic is enhanced by the inclusion of personal anecdotes and reproducible activity sheets.


The methods discussed in the book assume students already have a working knowledge of language, as the main focus is not strictly literacy. Instead, Lundy gives insightful advice on how to get students to enjoy learning and to incorporate literacy into the classroom. The message is very optimistic and promotes success through thoughtful, effective instruction where students enjoy what they are learning. Consideration could be given to using these methods in less language-focused subjects.


This easy-to-read book serves as a useful guide for using fun and innovative methods to teach students how to boost their literacy skills. Imagination and creativity can open up worlds of possibility and help all students find success.


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