On Goaltending


138 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations
ISBN 1-55027-003-4
DDC 341.4'81'092




Reviewed by Hayward C. Blake

Hayward C. Blake is a high-school principal in Harbour Grace,


Jacques Plante was one of the greatest goalies to play the game of
hockey. A star in the National Hockey League for many years, Plante
pioneered the goalie’s mask, perhaps the most important part of a
goalie’s equipment. As a player, Plante was a true student of the
game. In this book, he passes on to coaches and budding young goalies
his insights into the art of goaltending. The book includes exercises
that prospective goalies can do at home, information about equipment,
and advice on choosing and coaching a goalie. The text is easy to read
and presented in a clear and concise format.

At a time when Canadian hockey talent seems to be taking a back seat to
European hockey players, solid advice from hockey greats such as the
late Jacques Plante can only help our minor hockey coaches develop
players of high quality. On Goaltending is recommended for all goalie
coaches and for the young boys and girls who strive to play in the net.


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