The Greatness Guide: One of the World's Top Success Coaches Shares His Secrets for Personal and Business Mastery.


230 pages
ISBN 978-0-00-200730-4
DDC 158.1




Reviewed by Louise Karch

Louise Karch is a career consultant with Carswell Partners in London, Ontario.


The Greatness Guide is 101 chapters of heartfelt advice for personal and business mastery. Is it worth the paper it’s printed on? Yes. The chapters are short—two pages long—perfect for crazy/busy achievers seeking inspiring, nanosecond, self-help learning. Sharma’s writing is uncluttered, honest, and humble, which is characteristic of his earlier works, Who Will Cry When You Die and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.


Each gung ho chapter exudes encouragement. Sharma’s personal examples, inspiration from world leaders, “integrity gap” insights gleaned from his CEO clients means his advice is timely, authentic, and values-driven. Sharma feels called to help: “I just want to help you shine. All I really care about is doing my part to help you get to your greatness. To help you reach your best at work. To help you find happiness at home. To help you make your mark.” No wonder this man fled the legal field.


Becoming great, as Sharma defines, means becoming “world class.” Each chapter gives strategies such as setting passionate goals, making time for fun, and prioritizing one’s role as a parent. Sharma details his best practices in a chapter titled “Under the Kimono.” The revelation is discipline; purposeful action repeated over and over, for example: 5 a.m. self-reflection, personal development, careful eating, working out, and meeting each week with an interesting person for inspiration.


Sharma’s advice is personal and business-oriented. In the chapter “Good Business is Good for Business,” Sharma makes the case that employees want to work for good companies who also do good in terms of corporate citizenship. He notes this approach will help companies retain their best employees. Sharing timely and strategic advice clearly delights Sharma, as his enthusiasm is ever-present. This might be off-putting for some readers, but many will find his energetic approach inspiring and advice practical.


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