Lemon-Aid Used Cars and Trucks 2009–2010


536 pages
Contains Photos
ISBN 978-1-55488-404-9
DDC 629.222





Reviewed by Geoffrey Harder

Geoffrey Harder is a public services librarian and manager, Knowledge Common, in the Science and Technology Library of the University of Alberta.


Phil Edmonston’s Lemon-Aid books are almost prerequisites for those in the market for a new or used vehicle. Publication notes indicate that Edmonston has published over 140 Lemon-Aid guides in the last 38 years, an impressive record tracking the best and worst products of the automotive industry. If you have consulted other Lemon-Aid books, the form and function of these two titles will not surprise you. Edmonston includes the usual breakdowns of the best and worst vehicles in a variety of categories (small cars, medium cars, large cars, minivans, and the list goes on), covering most of the major manufacturers in the North American marketplace. Vehicles are rated and reviewed relative to other vehicles in their category, with detailed analysis and commentary accompanying each of the write-ups. Edmonston discusses important aspects of vehicle selection and ownership, including real fuel economy, expected maintenance intervals, repair costs, parts issues, warranties, vehicle histories, and an overview of each vehicle’s strengths and weaknesses. Safety issues are described extensively and Edmonston does a wonderful job highlighting so-called “Secret Warranties,” which include internal service bulletins and service tips often not revealed beyond the dealership staff room. Ranges of years are presented for most vehicles so that consumers may gauge the relative standing of their vehicle of choice. Aside from the model/year specific information, Lemon-Aid Guides are invaluable for the additional consumer information they provide. Guides on best buys, how to buy low and sell high, best “Green” buys, and other insights into the world of automobile buying and selling are well worth consulting, even for the more seasoned consumer.

The Internet has enabled a proliferation of automobile reviews that have no doubt put a dent into Edmonston’s audience, but even so, the Lemon-Aid books are good value and well worth consulting not just for the model reviews, but also for Edmonston’s practical advice and well-respected viewpoints on the business of buying and selling vehicles.



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