Strike a Pose: The Planet Girl Guide to Yoga.


96 pages
ISBN 978-1-55337-004-8
DDC j613.7'04608352





Illustrations by Heather Collett
Reviewed by Liz Dennett

Liz Dennett is a public service librarian in the Science and Technology
Library at the University of Alberta.


This book introduces the practice of yoga in an accessible and friendly way for the “modern girl.” It starts with a summary of the history and benefits of yoga and some general instructions for doing yoga (e.g., focusing on awareness of your body and stopping if any of the poses are painful). The main part of the book contains two sets of pose sequences (one beginner and one more advanced) that the reader is instructed to follow in order to create their own “personal yoga class” and to avoid injury. There are detailed and straightforward instructions for each pose, including the timing of the breathing. There is also information about the benefits of each pose, the number of repetitions to do, and variations. Illustrations show the reader the different stages.


At the back of the book are ways to take yoga practice further with meditation, breathing, and focusing on chakras. There is also information about what poses are beneficial for other activities, such as swimming, running, or gymnastics. The book ends with a DIY section with some yoga-related crafts, a glossary, and an index.


The book is well-laid-out, is simple without being condescending, and encourages going beyond reading to actively trying the poses out. The book’s lay-flat binding allows the aspiring “yogini” to refer to the pictures while trying the poses. The current interest in all things yoga means that this is likely to be a popular book. Recommended.


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