There's a Barnyard in My Bedroom.


60 pages
ISBN 978-1-55365-329-5
DDC j508





Illustrations by Eugenie Fernandes
Reviewed by Janet Collins

Janet Collins is a freelance writer in Sechelt, British Columbia.


What delightful way to teach children about the connection between nature and everyday things around their home.


Megan and Jamie set off on three magical adventures, each of which allows them to see and learn about their familiar surroundings in a new way. They soon find that nature is the source of many household items, and that air is important for the existence of all living things. There is also a lesson about how objects from the past can give clues to how things were long ago and how what we do today might affect life for those in the future.


Yes, there is a decidedly pro-environment slant to the storyline, but it isn’t so heavy-handed as to overshadow the tale. The wonders of nature continue to be the undisputed thrust of the text.


Renowned environmentalist and acclaimed scientist David Suzuki has not only presented an informative storybook, but created one that enables young readers to learn about nature’s connection with their own lives. A list of suggested activities are included at the back of the book—from looking for things in Eugenie Fernandes’s charming illustrations to providing ideas for games and projects that will help reinforce the book’s themes. As a result, the book would be a good addition to a home or school library and would also work well as a lesson guide for classes focusing on similar themes. Recommended.


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