Rock and Roll Toronto


267 pages
Contains Photos, Maps, Bibliography, Index
ISBN 0-385-25600-0
DDC 781.66'09713541





Reviewed by Tamara Jones

Tamara Jones is Production Stage Manager/Operations Supervisor,
Entertainment Department, Paramount Canada’s Wonderland.


When it comes to the Canadian music scene, the literature is by no means
exhaustive. There are some music history “texts,” a couple of
interesting anecdotal and chronological works by Martin Melhuish, and
many biographies, but one of the more unusual and amusing books has to
be Rock and Roll Toronto. Not for the serious historian, this collection
is for music fans.

Toronto landmarks serve as the jumping-off point for some memorable
tales. The format works very well. Chapters stand on their own and are
referenced by a location name and address. The index lists both the
landmark name and the person or group with whom it’s connected.
Although the reader is invited to take the book in hand and hit the
streets, doing so is not a prerequisite for enjoyment. Goddard and
Crouse simply want to point out interesting moments in music history and
where they occurred. The authors don’t confine themselves to Canadian
artists, but they write to celebrate “both the music and the city of

For readers who want to learn more about music in Canada, Rock and Roll
Toronto is an entertaining place to start.


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