The Kids Book of Canada at War.


72 pages
Contains Photos, Maps, Index
ISBN 978-1-55453-003-8
DDC j355.00971





Illustrations by John Mantha
Reviewed by Ian A. Andrews

Ian A. Andrews is a high-school social sciences teacher and editor of the New Brunswick Teachers’ Association’s Focus.


Each year around Canada Day, and again near Remembrance Day, the Dominion Institute releases new survey results that appear to show the ignorance young Canadians display regarding their knowledge of Canadian history. Several of the questions are connected with military events. If children were exposed to The Kids Book of Canada at War, the survey results would noticeably improve. This book is that good.


Within 72 pages, highlights of military conflicts are presented in chronological order—from the first European contact to the current war in Afghanistan. The colourful illustrations and posters, simplified maps, period photographs, copies of original letters and news clippings complement the easy-to-read narrative appropriate for upper elementary and middle school students. The Kids Book of Canada at War could also be a good source for high school students or those studying English as a second language, if the word “kids” in the title could be disguised.


Special sections titled “Technology of War” highlight the fortifications at Louisbourg, muskets and cannons used in the War of 1812, airplanes, and spies. Selectively placed “Time Lines” sections answer the question “What Happened When?” Interesting museums associated with particular events and themes are promoted in “We Stand on Guard” and Canadian bravery is recognized in “Canadian Courage.” Interesting quotations are displayed throughout.


Although a few factual errors need correction (for example, NATO now includes more than 16 member nations), this book is highly recommended for both interesting content and reasonably thorough coverage of such a general topic.


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