Robert Lepage: Connecting Flights


196 pages
Contains Photos
ISBN 0-676-97060-5
DDC 792'.023'092




Translated by Wanda Romer Taylor

Ian Burns Maclennan is an assistant professor of theatre arts at
Thorneloe College, Laurentian University.


One of Quebec’s foremost directors, Robert Lepage has become
internationally known for his innovative and challenging theatrical
explorations. This collection of interviews with Lepage serves as a good
introduction to the creator of such intriguing works as Circulations,
The Dragons’ Trilogy, The Seven Streams of the River Ota, and
Elsinore. The interviews, which took place between September 1994 and
June 1995, are organized around four themes: geography, mythology,
creation, and paradoxes. The format allows for the revelation of
connections between seemingly unconnected elements (the “connecting
flights” of the title) in Lepage’s work.

Recommended for libraries and for those with an interest in directing,
acting, and theatre in Quebec.


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