Exploring the Bismarck


64 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations, Maps
ISBN 0-394-22054-4
DDC j940.54'5943




Reviewed by Hugh Oliver

Hugh Oliver is Editor-in-Chief, OISE Press.


This large-format, lavishly illustrated Time Quest book comprises two
brief stories. The first is that of the building of the German
battleship Bismarck, her 1941 foray into the North Atlantic, her sinking
of the Hood, and her subsequent destruction by the British Home Fleet.
This was unquestionably the most memorable Atlantic naval engagement of
World War II, and although the story has been told many times, made into
a film, and even provided the lyric for a popular song, it bears
repetition. The second is that of the discovery of the sunken vessel
almost 50 years later by the author, Robert Ballard, who also discovered
the Titanic. This is a less familiar story, has its own rather different
kind of drama, and is equally interesting.


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