The Dinosaur Question and Answer Book


64 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations, Index
ISBN 0-920775-79-9
DDC j567.9'1




Reviewed by Donavon L. Porter

Donavon L. Porter is a public-school teacher in Haileybury, Ontario.


This book—a joint production of OWL magazine and the Dinosaur
Project—truly lives up to its title. The author understands what
children want to know about dinosaurs, and provides the latest
information on the subject in a highly accessible way. Visually
attractive and organized into easily digested “chunks,” the book
becomes a very user-friendly resource, with material ranging from the
very specific (“What color were dinosaurs?”) to the rather unusual
(“Did any dinosaurs have trunks?”). Also included is a glossary of
terms and a comprehensive index, making this fun and informative book
easy to read and use for primary-grade children.


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