The Story of Canada


320 pages
Contains Photos, Maps, Index
ISBN 1-895555-32-9
DDC j971





Illustrations by Alan Daniel
Reviewed by Agnes C. Farrell

Agnes C. Farrell is a public-school teacher in Richmond, B.C.


Most Canadian adults remember the study of our history as a deadly dull
memorization of names and dates, and a focus on facts instead of people.
This overview of Canada’s history, from the Ice Age to the present,
presents a more human view.

The names and dates are all there, but they are intertwined with
re-creations of daily life, folk tales, narratives, historical
photographs, posters, and newspaper cartoons. The stories of many
lesser-known Canadians are included in the form of letters and diary
entries, while the explorers and politicians of traditional history
books gain a human face.

Greatly adding to the educational value of this book are the
exceptional illustrations. Colorful and richly detailed paintings by
Alan Daniel, along with reproductions of art from all periods of
Canadian history, greatly enhance the understanding of the text.

The writing is clear and concise. Readers as young as 10 would be able
to read the informative sidebars. However, parents should consider
reading this book aloud to their children; adults would come to a
greater appreciation of Canadian history and children would be spared
the boredom their parents faced when first introduced to this subject.


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