The Storyteller at Fault


64 pages
ISBN 0-921556-29-2
DDC jC813'.54





Illustrations by Nancy Cairine Pitt
Reviewed by Joan Sanderson

Joan Sanderson is a professional storyteller doing “Book Talks” for
Minnow Books.


The stories recounted in this book by the storyteller of the title raise
questions about time, creation, life after death, and dreams—in short,
questions about the mysteries of life. The cultural diversity of these
stories adds to the richness of this book. The simple folklike quality
of the artwork contributes to the sense of wonder that pervades the
text. My only misgiving about the text is that the beginning and the end
may be too complicated for young readers.

Dan Yashinsky, the collector of these tales, is an obviously seasoned
storyteller, and his book is a fine resource for storytellers as well as
a good read for older children.


Yashinsky, Dan., “The Storyteller at Fault,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed February 22, 2024,