Kids' Games Too!: Creative Games and Activities


150 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 0-394-22219-8
DDC j790.1'922




Illustrations by Jenny Duda
Reviewed by Kelly L. Green

Kelly L. Green is a freelance writer living in Ajax, Ontario.


Elaine Martin has collected hundreds of developmentally appropriate and
just plain fun games and activities for children in the 6–9 age group.
Group play, solitude, outdoor exploration, rainy days inside, music,
art, parent/child time—name any category of activity and Martin has
found not one but many different ways for children to enjoy.

This book is a wonderful resource for those in search of alternatives
to TV and other modern-family time stealers. Martin includes scores of
activities, songs, skipping rhymes, and games that adults will recall
from the distant mists of their own childhoods—and hundreds more that
they will wish they had known as kids. Examples: introduce children to
the wonderful world of playground poetry, ball-bounce rhymes, and tongue
twisters; learn 18 variations of tag and six kinds of hopscotch; learn
how to make bannock over an open fire; or experiment with sculpture.

For ease of use, Kids’ Games Too! is divided into sections
corresponding to the child’s age and the type of activity. It’s a
good size for taking on trips or to the library as a guide to other
resources. Just the right price to make an excellent gift, this is a
book to turn to again and again for stimulating, enjoyable ways for
children and parents to spend time together and build memories.


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