Let's Find Out About Dogs


92 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 0-394-22086-2
DDC j636.7




Illustrations by Janet Wilson
Reviewed by Laurence Steven

Laurence Steven is Chairman of the English Department at Laurentian
University and author of Dissociation and Wholeness in Patrick White’s


For a child who wants to learn about dogs, Hehner’s book is an
excellent collection of resource material. Hehner is an established
author and editor of children’s information books, with more than
fifty titles to her credit. She is probably best known as the co-writer
of David Suzuki’s Looking at Science series.

This book not only offers a general history of humans’ relationship
with dogs—along with short, specific histories and “Surprising
Facts” about representative breeds—but also presents various caring
techniques, games, and other activities for a dog and its owner. All of
this is done in a pleasing format, clearly organized so that the child
can easily follow along and be kept interested. Though the book can
enjoyably be read straight through, readers will more likely want to dip
into it for specific bits of information. Recognizing this, Hehner has
the table of contents and index both clearly indicate the various
subsections and key subject words to allow quick referencing. Between
the facts about dogs and the “things to send for” are fun things to
do such as making homemade dog treats. Charcoal sketches and diagrams
are also provided to help children understand what certain dogs look
like, as well as to describe how dogs inherit a certain eye and fur
color (gene pool). The text is in large boldface type and consists, on
the whole, of basic, easy-to-understand vocabulary. The more difficult
words are italicized and followed by a parenthetical gloss: “omnivores

While the book is written for children aged seven and up, adults too
will enjoy the ready facts, and may even find some useful information
(such as how to make an effective poop-scooper).

Recommended for public and elementary-school libraries.


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