The Nature Book


48 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 0-920775-66-7
DDC j508




Illustrations by Daniel Sylvestre
Reviewed by Alice Kidd

Alice Kidd is an editor with The New Catalyst editorial collective in
Lillooet, B.C.


The editors of OWL magazine have produced an excellent book that
encourages children to explore the natural world. The first section,
“We’re All Connected,” includes two activities that encourage
children to look at life around them, as well as puzzles, games, and a
maze about connectedness in life. Different strategies for living in and
maintaining the environment are presented in the second chapter,
“Challenges We All Share.” I particularly like “Wild in the
City”: some species (e.g., garter snakes and bats) have become adapted
to living in cities by selecting home sites similar to those they would
have inhabited in the country (e.g., scrap-lumber piles and bell
towers). Humans have much to learn from the natural world, both
philosophically and practically. The final chapter, “Nature’s Bright
Ideas,” demonstrates several ways in which nature provides ideas and
materials to change our lives. “Nature Knows Best” suggests two
hands-on activities that demonstrate the connections between soil and
plant life.

This is an excellent book for parents to share with their children.
Many of the games and activities will also be very useful in a primary
classroom. The writing is clear and simple, and the illustrations add
humor. The Nature Book succeeds in making complex ideas accessible to
readers, young and old.


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