Who Is Sleeping in Aunty's Bed?


24 pages
ISBN 0-19-540824-1
DDC jC813'.54




Illustrations by Robin Baird Lewis

Margaret Bunel Edwards is a freelance writer and author of several
children’s books.


Arriving for a visit, Meg and Nicole both want to sleep with Aunty. Dad
tosses a coin and Meg wins. But when Aunty begins to snore, Meg crawls
in with Mum and Dad. Three’s a crowd and Mum gets into Aunty’s bed,
only to start singing in her sleep. Aunty wakens, takes Nicole off the
couch and puts her beside Mum. Then she stretches out on the couch
herself. From then on, it’s musical beds until morning arrives and the
sisters wonder how they ended up together in Aunty’s bed.

Lewis’s gentle pictures in soft colors reflect the story’s mood of
warmth and togetherness. The final scene, with the dog lying on
Aunty’s bed, is a clever detail.

Any child who has tried to sleep in strange surroundings will relate to
this happy story. Despite the way everyone changes beds during the
night, no one becomes angry or upset. The repetition in the text will
help children ages six to eight to read, and the security and serenity
of this amusing story will bring enjoyment to everyone from
three-year-olds to adults.


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