The Kids Can Press French and English Work Book


48 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 1-55074-022-9
DDC j423'.1





Edited by Katherine Farris
Illustrations by Linda Hendry
Reviewed by Joan Buchanan

Joan Buchanan is a writer, storyteller and instructor and author of
Taking Care of My Cold.


This French and English pictorial dictionary is a delight to read. Meant
primarily for preschoolers and elementary-age children, it will also
prove entertaining and useful to adults.

The large two-page spreads are well organized into familiar themes,
such as “Voici ma famille/Meet my family” (featuring an
extended-family portrait) and “C’est le matin/It’s a new day”
(with some of the same characters shown in their daily routines). Topics
like “My body/Mon corps” and “Mes couleurs préférées/My
favourite colours” ensure that the basics are included.

Hendry’s illustrations are humorous, showing many small stories
within the detailed but not overcrowded pages. In one sequence the same
toddler is shown three times: “marcher/walk,” “tomber/fall,” and
“pleurer/cry.” There is so much going on in the pictures that
children can use this dictionary as a storybook.

The alphabetical word list in the back locates English words by page
numbers. This book is sturdily bound—a product of quality,
thoughtfulness, and fun!


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