The Recycling Book


48 pages
ISBN 0-920775-58-6
DDC j745.5




Illustrations by Jane Kurisu
Reviewed by Donavon L. Porter

Donavon L. Porter is a public-school teacher in Haileybury, Ontario.


This Owl book is another valuable resource for those interested in
teaching, learning, or doing environmental awareness activities with
children. As indicated in the title, these activities focus on the third
aspect of the “Three Rs” with a selection of craft activities using
“found” items, which would otherwise end up in a landfill. The
activities are conveniently grouped together under headings that include
“Plastic,” “Paper,” “Glass and Metal,” and “Natural
Stuff.” The crafts not only encourage the use of found items but are
also useful, interesting, and of the sort most kids enjoy. To the
author’s credit, the key concepts of reduce and reuse are emphasized
and the reader is advised to consider reducing and reusing before
turning to recycling.

This book of environmentally friendly craft ideas should be a useful
addition to the home or classroom library.


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