Singing Fish and Flying Rhinos: Amazing Animal Habits


48 pages
ISBN 0-920775-45-4
DDC j591.51




Edited by Katherine Farris
Illustrations by Sam Sisco
Reviewed by Donavon L. Porter

Donavon L. Porter is an elementary-school teacher in Haileybury,


Singing Fish and Flying Rhinos is an educational activity book that
offers an assortment of activities based on the amazing variety of
animal habitats found in nature. The editor of this companion book to
Bee Hives and Bat Caves has used a similar format to provide a quality
educational experience. The book includes knowledge-based,
logical-reasoning, estimating, mathematical, and creative activities
that provide a range of challenges for children with various levels of
ability. Aimed at the same audience as OWL magazine, the book offers
activities that will be quite appropriate for children in this age
group. As with Bee Hives and Bat Caves, the editor’s chosen theme is
very broad. As a result, the activities are sometimes tenuously
integrated; one might have to look carefully to find a relationship
among some of them. However, this remains an excellent activity book. It
is well laid out and will no doubt be well received by the user.


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