Canadian Wildlife Activity Book, Vol. 2


80 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-919214-83-5
DDC j591.9711





Reviewed by Donavon L. Porter

Donavon L. Porter is an elementary-school teacher in Haileybury,


This book offers various theme-based activities appropriate for a range
of abilities, though generally aimed at junior-grade levels. Hunter has
illustrated the activities with detailed and eye-catching pictures.

The visual discrimination activities proved challenging for this
reviewer, who was reduced to peeking at the answers. Also included are
mazes; word searches; classification; coloring; spelling; matching;
memory and symmetry activities; and picture, word, and illustrating
puzzles. In fact, apart from a shortage of math-related activities, this
book addresses most areas of the curriculum. Hunter develops various
basic skills while indirectly teaching about Canadian wildlife.

The Canadian Wildlife Activity Book will be a valuable resource for
parents who wish to encourage independent learning in their children;
teachers could also use it to pursue theme-based learning activities in
the classroom.


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