Bee Hives and Bat Caves: Amazing Animal Homes


48 pages
ISBN 0-920775-46-2
DDC j591.56'4




Edited by Katherine Farris
Illustrations by Andrew Plewes
Reviewed by Donavon L. Porter

Donavon L. Porter is an elementary-school teacher in Haileybury,


Bee Hives and Bat Caves is an educational activity book that offers an
assortment of activities based on the amazing variety of animal homes
found in nature. Developed by the people who publish OWL magazine, the
book contains activities of the same high interest and calibre we’ve
come to expect from OWL. The editor has made every effort to provide a
range of challenges that will allow children of various abilities the
opportunity to pursue developmentally appropriate activities. The
knowledge-based activities provide a starting point for more independent
research, and the puzzle-type activities will enhance logical-reasoning
skills. Math-based problems and visual awareness challenges are
provided, and arts and crafts activities are included to round out the
selections. The child familiar with OWL magazine will recognize some
favorite characters appearing in the book’s pages and should therefore
feel quite comfortable with it. This is an excellent activity book aimed
at the same audience as OWL; it should be well received by children of
that age group.


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