Argus Steps In


170 pages
Contains Maps
ISBN 0-88753-216-0
DDC jC843'.54





Translated by Ray Chamberlain
Reviewed by Susan Perks

Susan Perks, formerly a teacher and librarian, is a travel agent in
Thompson, Manitoba.


Equipped with the advanced technology of a future world, Marc Alix
returns to earth, to a medieval Scottish fortress where only he can keep
important scientific knowledge from being used against humankind. In
alternate chapters, we explore this same castle with Cynthia and her
friend Francis, as they try to discover what secret her grandfather is
holding back from her. As the book progresses, the reader realizes that
these two stories are connected. Excitement abounds as clues are put
together, and as Cynthia and Francis finally meet Marc.

In this book, Sernine continues his chronicle of Erymeans, begun in
Those Who Watch Over the Earth. He gives an interesting view of Earth:
“For Marc, this was Earth: a planet conquered and occupied by
irresponsible people.”

I found the book fast-paced and exciting, and I couldn’t put it down
until I had finished it. It is skillfully written and the illustrations
and maps of the castle are precise and informative. A small glossary is

Junior-high readers will enjoy this highly recommended book.


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