Jane's Loud Mouth


32 pages
ISBN 0-921556-10-1
DDC jC813'.54





Illustrations by Kimberly Hart

Margaret Bunel Edwards is a free-lance writer and author of several
children’s books.


Jane eats candy, cake, and cookies at a birthday party, but doesn’t
want to brush the sweet, gooey taste away. When she wakes up next
morning, she hears loud rock music, which she discovers is coming not
from the radio but from her mouth. Her parents rush her to the doctor,
who x-rays her just in case she has swallowed a radio. He suggests a
dentist should look at her mouth.

“You have a case of loud mouth,” the dentist tells her, handing her
a mirror. There, sitting on her teeth, is a group of tiny creatures
having a wonderful party. They are playing instruments, dancing,
singing, and nibbling at her teeth. Jane grabs her toothbrush and, even
though she hears screams and “party pooper,” she scrubs everyone
away. No more noise. After lunch, she brushes again. Suddenly she hears
music. “Dad, where’s the sound coming from?” When he answers, the
music booms out of his mouth.

This is a fun story which indirectly shows readers to brush after every
meal. The characters are likeable and the plot is intriguing. The
illustrations are as fanciful as the story, especially those showing the
creatures partying in Jane’s mouth. Bright colors add to a child’s
enjoyment of this happy book.


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