The Canadian Writer's Market. 13th ed.


378 pages
Contains Bibliography, Index
ISBN 0-7710-8770-5
DDC 070.5'2'02571





Reviewed by Sarah Robertson

Sarah Robertson is the trade, scholarly, and reference editor of the
Canadian Book Review Annual.


Since it was first published in the 1970s, The Canadian Writer’s
Market has kept freelance writers abreast of the ever-changing Canadian
publishing scene.

The format of the 13th edition remains unchanged from previous
editions. An introduction by Adrian Waller provides general discussions
of marketing, copyright, libel, simultaneous submissions, personal
computers, style, word count, postage, income tax, and American markets.
The publication listings are grouped into five chapters: “Consumer
Magazines,” “Literary and Scholarly,” “Trade, Business, Farm,
and Professional Publications,” “Daily Newspapers,” and “Book
Publishers.” Users will find listings for everything from Canadian
Footwear Journal to Cannabis Canada; the latter, incidentally, boasts a
circulation of 30,000—not bad when compared with the 8000 customers
who shell out for Books in Canada.

Subsequent chapters are devoted to listings for literary agents,
writing awards and competitions, provincial and federal writer support
programs, professional development, and writers’ organizations and
support agencies. A list of book resources and an index for consumer,
literary, and scholarly magazines round out the volume. As in more
recent editions, the focus is on English-language publishers and
publications; specialist educational and professional publishing houses
are generally excluded from the listings.

As Waller observes in his introduction, “In Canada today, magazines
come and go faster than they ever did.” The Canadian Writer’s Market
is an indispensable tool for helping writers to cope with that
reality—even though some of its contents are undoubtedly already out
of date.


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