Wiggle Like a Puppy: Different Plants and Animals


32 pages
ISBN 0-201-55416-X
DDC j574





Photos by May Henderson and Ruth Fahlman

Caroline M. Hallsworth is a librarian at Cambrian College in Sudbury.


All Together, Wiggle Like a Puppy, and Celebrations are three titles
from the Hand in Hand multicultural series. The three titles follow the
same format: on the left-hand side of each double page, the text appears
in English, French, Spanish, and Chinese; on the right-hand side,
full-color photographs illustrate the text. In each book, children from
a variety of different backgrounds are depicted and their differences
celebrated. There is also a theme of commonality as similarities between
different cultures and lifestyles are shown. The books conclude with
activities that all children can do together.

In All Together, children introduce themselves, describe where they
live and with whom, and tell what it is that they like best.
Celebrations looks at a variety of holidays and traditions, from Rosh
Hashana to potlatch supper to Canada Day. In Wiggle Like a Puppy,
children are encouraged to imitate the movements found in nature.
Photographs show children swaying like a tree, climbing like a vine, or
swimming like a fish.

While few, if any, parents will be able to read all four languages,
they will appreciate the introduction to Canada’s multiculural society
that is provided by the series.


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