Daniel's Dog


32 pages
ISBN 0-590-73344-3
DDC jC813'.54





Illustrations by Janet Wilson
Reviewed by Anne Savoie

Anne Savoie is a youth counsellor in Anjou, Quebec.


This children’s book tells of a young boy, Daniel, who has a new baby
sister. He feels left out, since his mother spends so much time with
her. To manage, he creates a new friend, a ghost dog.

Bogard credits part of the inspiration for her story to
African-American tales. In these tales, a spirit dog is seen as a
departed loved one who has come back to play a comforting and protective

This well-written story will be useful for parents who bring home a new
baby sister or brother: it will help older siblings understand what is
going on, and that their parents are not ignoring them. It would also be
useful in teaching coping mechanisms that children can use in
disagreeable situations.


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