The Look Out! Book: A Child's Guide to Water Safety


32 pages
ISBN 0-7715-9427-5
DDC j797'.028'9





Illustrations by Barbara Klunder
Reviewed by Jami van Haaften

Jami van Haaften is a professional librarian and author of An Index to
Selected Canadian Provincial Government Publications for Librarians,
Teachers and Booksellers.


The Royal Life Saving Society od Canada endorses this book, which
delivers basic water-safety knowledge and simple personal lifesaving
education for swimmers and nonswimmers. Colorful illustrations, a
point-form test, and cartoon-like dialogue balloons deliver an effective

Information is presented to show the reader how to enjoy the water
safely. Things that make swimming unsafe at the seashore or at the pool,
boating rules, water hazards, safety rules for water sports, and rescue
procedures are all outlined.

An “eels and ladders” game demonstrates some right and wrong
water-safety practices; the player who reaches the lifeguard first wins.
Readers are asked to find 10 unsafe things at the beach, or point out 12
safety features at a backyard pool.

Readers learn what hypothermia is and how to avoid it. Families are
encouraged to practice rescue drills and talk over a list of “What
would you do if . . . ?” questions. A few definitions and answers to
two quizzes are found on the last page.


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