Double Spell


144 pages
ISBN 0-88776-660-9
DDC jC813'.54






Reviewed by Dosi Cotroneo

Dosi Cotroneo is a freelance writer living in Manotick, Ontario.


What began as a leisurely walk along Toronto’s Yonge Street is only
the beginning of an adventure 12-year-old twins Jane and Elizabeth
won’t soon forget. For reasons they can’t explain, they are
compelled to buy a tattered and worn old doll that is seated in the
window of an antique shop. Soon the girls’ lives begin to change.
Elizabeth takes a tumble down the stairs. Aunt Alice suddenly—and
mysteriously—breaks her hip. Before long, the twins and their brothers
are moving from their crammed little bungalow into Aunt Alice’s big
and beautiful old house.

The mystery doll has some kind of power over the girls. The girls may
look the same but their personalities are quite different. Suddenly,
they’re thinking the same thoughts, having the same dreams, and seeing
things they can’t explain. Something strange is happening and it all
started when they got that doll. Is their doll Amelia trying to send the
girls a message from the past, and if so, what is it?

Young girls will be hooked from the first page as they follow Jane and
Elizabeth on their mysterious journey. An easy-to-read, delicious
page-turner by the author of The Root Cellar, Shadow in Hawthorn Bay,
and The Hollow Tree. Highly recommended.


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