Blades, Boards, and Scooters


64 pages
Contains Photos, Index
ISBN 1-894379-45-4
DDC j796.2





Illustrations by Steve Attoe and Allan Moon
Reviewed by Martha Lamon

Martha Lamon is a freelance writer and researcher based in Huntsville,


An award-winning children’s science writer and the former editor of
OWL magazine, Keltie Thomas is also a major sports fan.

Blades, Boards, and Scooters is filled with facts and information about
scootering, roller-blading, skateboarding, and snowboarding. The book is
divided into four chapters—one chapter devoted to each sport. Each
chapter is subdivided into categories that deal with such things as the
parts of the equipment (“The Lean Mean Machine”), the mechanics of
the sport (“Zoom in on the Mechanics”), tricks and manoeuvres
(“The X-treme Scene”), how to care for the equipment (“Grease
Monkey Zone”), and items of interest about the sport (“That’s

The book is written in an energetic, athletic style, and filled with
the cool (“phat”) lingo of the sports. The book’s design will also
appeal to youths. The text on each page is divided into short, readable
sections, with headings in funky fonts. Accompanying the text are
colourful illustrations and photos, along with a couple of boxes
highlighting important information. The photographs feature some of the
awesome tricks that the pros practise for hours.

Rippers looking to shred some peaks, bunnies wanting to learn some
jibbing, and youths looking for radical fun—this entertaining book
will undoubtedly set you on the right track. It will also be useful for
parents of X-treme sports enthusiasts who want to learn something about
these sports. Highly recommended.


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