Waiting for Pelly


225 pages
ISBN 1-55050-228-X
DDC jC813'.54






Illustrations by Bill Johnson
Reviewed by Dosi Cotroneo

Dosi Cotroneo is a freelance writer living in Manotick, Ontario.


Sandra and her father have lived with Sandra’s grandmother in northern
Saskatchewan for years, but now they must get used to life in Saskatoon.
Sandra dreams of planting her very first garden, but between the pesky
neighbours who complain all the time and the garden that needs a ton of
weeding, she and her dad have their work cut out for them.

It isn’t easy adjusting to life in a new city, and Sandra misses
spending time with her grandmother. Thank goodness for Pelly, the young
pelican that Sandra has come to know and love. Sandra stops by the fish
market every chance she gets to pick up scraps of fish for Pelly. No one
would ever believe how Pelly and Sandra have kept in touch—not even
Jennifer, the university student who is working on a project studying
pelicans. Sandra and Jennifer become friends and share their love and
knowledge of pelicans. There’s a lot more in store for Sandra and
Jennifer as they wait for Pelly, who seems to be missing. Will Pelly
return to Sandra safe and sound?

This book, the second in the Pelly series, provides insights into both
the life of penguins and the challenges of adjusting to a major move.
Rich, descriptive text brings Saskatoon and the shoreline to life.
Middle readers will find Waiting for Pelly warm, touching, and
educational. Highly recommended.


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