Canada, the Culture. Rev. ed.


32 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations, Index
ISBN 0-7787-9360-5
DDC j971




Reviewed by Elizabeth Fisher

Elizabeth Fisher is a former elementary-school principal in Toronto, who
spent 10 years as a teacher-librarian.


Bobbie Kalman has been publishing quality non-fiction books for children
over the last couple of decades, and this series about Canada follows in
that fine tradition.

Canada, the Culture explores the different ways in which Canadians
express their creativity. Chapters cover a variety of cultures; myths,
stories, and literature; television, music, and film; art, theatre, and
dance. Canada is built around many cultures, and this book shows how
multiculturalism helps Canadians better understand their neighbours.

Canada, the Land focuses on the beauty and natural wonder of Canada.
Chapters cover Canada’s provinces and territories: natural resources
and conservation; industry, business, and agriculture; multiculturalism;
and national parks and wildlife.

Canada, the People highlights Canada’s history and heritage,
discussing its First Peoples; the British and French colonists;
immigrants from all over the world; the settlement of the Canadian West;
Canadian families; and city and country life.

The minimal texts are supported by splendid colour photographs. The
information is generalized and easily read. This three-volume series
provides students with an overview of Canada and gives them a basis for
more in-depth research. All three volumes in the series are


Kalman, Bobbie., “Canada, the Culture. Rev. ed.,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed May 27, 2024,