The Sharing Circle


52 pages
ISBN 1-55109-450-9
DDC jC813'.6





Illustrations by Arthur Stevens
Reviewed by Dosi Cotroneo

Dosi Cotroneo is a freelance writer living in Manotick, Ontario.


The Sharing Circle is a collection of seven stories about First Nations
culture and spiritual practices.

In “The Eagle Feather,” a walk in the woods gives Matthew and his
father the chance to talk about many things around them that are a
special part of their First Nations culture. Matthew learns that seeing
an eagle flying overhead is a sign of good luck and happiness. The eagle
feather is one of the best gifts that anyone can receive.

In “The Dream Catcher,” Dustin learns that the gift Matthew gave
him will help him to not have bad dreams. In “The Sacred Herbs,”
Jeremy visits Matthew’s room, where he learns all about the sacred
herbs that Matthew keeps in a special box on his dresser. “The
Medicine Pouch” of another story’s title was a gift Matthew received
from his grandfather to hold important and sacred things.

In “The Talking Circle,” Matthew attends his first Boy Scouts
meeting; there everybody sits in a circle, gets a turn to talk, and is
treated as an equal. In the “Medicine Wheel,” a trip to the doctor
reminds Matthew and his brother of the story their father told them
about the medicine wheel and how each picture represents an aspect of
achieving good health. “The Drum” has Matthew and his sister sharing
their culture with their class as they play the drum and sing songs.

Theresa Meuse-Dallien’s stories are both informative and easy to
read. Arthur Stevens’s bright, colourful illustrations perfectly
complement the stories. The book will appeal to adults and young readers
alike. Recommended.


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