Body Talk: The Straight Facts on Fitness, Nutrition and Feeling Great About Yourself


64 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 1-894379-27-6
DDC j613'.04242





Illustrations by Claudia Dávila
Reviewed by Elizabeth Levin

Elizabeth Levin is a professor of psychology at Laurentian University.


Aimed at the preteen girl, Body Talk is a book about being yourself and
developing self-esteem through strategies that include fitness,
nutrition, and downplaying the importance of looks.

The book is divided into seven chapters. Chapter 1 shows how
society’s conception of beautiful women has evolved over the last 200
years. Chapter 2 explores body-image problems, while Chapter 3 discusses
how the skin changes during puberty and provides skin-care advice.
Chapter 4 looks at cosmetic surgery and the media’s role in its
growing popularity. Chapter 5 examines eating disorders. Chapters 6 and
7 cover fitness and nutrition, respectively. All measurements are
provided in both imperial and metric units, but despite one reference to
an Ontario high-school initiative, most of the other information is

Colorful illustrations accompany the lively text, which gets the
message across without being too preachy. Recommended.


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