Emergency Workers Are on Their Way!


32 pages
Contains Photos, Index
ISBN 0-7787-2094-2
DDC j363.34'81




Reviewed by Sylvia Pantaleo

Sylvia Pantaleo is an associate professor of education, specializing in
children’s literature, at the University of Victoria. She is the
co-author of Learning with Literature in the Canadian Elementary


In Firefighters to the Rescue, readers learn about the jobs, clothing,
and training of firefighters, as well as information about the fire
station, fire trucks, and fire safety. The book also provides facts
about 9/11. Hospital Workers in the Emergency Room includes information
about the terminology, employees, instruments and procedures associated
with medical emergencies. Veterinarians Help Keep Animals Healthy
describes the responsibilities and activities of vets in numerous types
of locations (e.g., clinic, farm, animal shelter, zoos, and nature
preserves). Various types of emergencies and rescues (e.g., accidents,
floods, fires, earthquakes) are described in Emergency Workers Are on
Their Way. The book also includes information about the responsibilities
of different types of emergency workers (e.g., firefighters, police
officers, paramedics). Each book includes many full-colour photographs,
most with captions or labels. The easy-to-read text presents pertinent
information in an accessible and appealing layout. The texts include
bold and coloured fonts to communicate meaning to readers. Each book
contains a glossary and an index. The two books about hospital workers
and veterinarians provide a list of websites for those interested in
learning more about the topics featured in each selection. All of the
books are recommended.


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