Izzie, Book 3: Patricia's Secret


92 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-14-305007-9
DDC jC813'.54




Elisabeth Anne MacDonald-Murray teaches English literature at Brandon
University, Brandon, Manitoba.


While Izzie’s father is serving in the Royal Canadian Navy, Izzie, her
brother Joey, and her mother must leave their home in the small fishing
village of Granite Cove, Nova Scotia, to live on the outskirts of
Dartmouth. There Izzie must deal with a new home, a new school, and new
friends. She also must deal with the continuing worries of living in a
time of war—the food and fuel rationing, air-raid sirens, and fear for
the safety of her beloved father. Izzie makes friends with Patricia, a
British evacuee, and she discovers that life near a big city is rather
exciting. Yet even as her life begins to assume some degree of
stability, fear and anxiety strike again when her mother receives a
telegram informing them that her father’s ship has been torpedoed. The
realities of World War II encroach quickly on young Izzie’s world, but
as she grows up, she learns to cope with all the problems in her life.

Budge Wilson’s story continues in the literary tradition that
characterizes the Our Canadian Girl series: lively and engaging writing,
interesting and endearing characters, and stories that portray ordinary
girls living in extraordinary and exciting times in Canada’s history.
Preteen girls will especially enjoy this book. Highly recommended.


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