One More Clue


116 pages
ISBN 1-55028-888-9
DDC jC813'.54




Reviewed by Martha Lamon

Martha Lamon is a freelance writer and researcher based in Huntsville,


In Seven Clues (1987), the first book in the Pebble Creek Trilogy, Matt
Randall goes looking for a secret treasure. In the second book, The
Great Bike Race (1994), Matt wants to win the town’s bike race so much
that it adversely affects his friendships. One More Clue, the final book
in the trilogy, opens with Matt helping to clean out the elderly Mr.
Grubb’s attic and finding a magician’s costume as well as an old
piece of paper containing a handwritten clue. Both items set off a
series of events that will entertain and intrigue young readers.

Some of the book’s larger-than-life events include Matt digging alone
in a graveyard at night during a thunderstorm as well as finding
emergency help when Mr. Grubb has a stroke. The book also touches on
many experiences of childhood; readers will empathize with Matt as they
read about his overcoming rejection, feeling socially awkward, and
making and maintaining friendships.

Young readers will enjoy this mystery novel, which can be read as a
stand-alone or as part of the trilogy. Recommended.


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