Knock at the Door


12 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 1-55074-070-9
DDC j398.8






Reviewed by Christy Conte

Christy Conte is a business analyst and entrepreneur in Ajax, Ontario.


Knock at the Door and Round and Round the Garden are based on the
popular fingerplays for babies and toddlers. On the plus side, the books
are very attractive. Kemp’s illustrations are bright and appealing.
Also, as board books, these are durable as well. Their small
size—another important consideration—makes them easily manipulated
by little hands.

The books are flawed in one respect, however, and that is in their
suggested use. On the back cover of each book, there is a diagram
detailing actions to be performed by the reader. Unless one possesses
remarkable dexterity, it is awkward to both turn pages and perform the
requisite maneuvers. Despite this technical problem, however, these
books will surely be enjoyed for their happy pictures and familiar
verse, if for nothing else.


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