14 pages
ISBN 1-55037-161-4
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Photos by Susan Huszar
Reviewed by Christy Conte

Christy Conte is a business analyst and entrepreneur in Ajax, Ontario.


This series is designed to complement a baby’s first collection of
books. As the six titles suggest, each book explores those things that
are nearest and dearest to a small child.

These brightly colored board books are eye-catching and wipeable—a
winning combination. Though not particularly imaginative from an adult
point of view, they are able to capture and keep a toddler’s attention
on first reading. The text itself is fairly predictable; it is the
detail in the photographs that generates interest. An open fridge
reveals pickles, cheese, and innumerable bottles to be labelled. Little
fishes swim all over a baby’s sunsuit.

Other positive features of this series include its use of children from
many racial groups, and a nonstereotypical depiction of male and female
roles. In the end though, kids love to look at other kids, and that is
why these books work.


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