Put That Fat Cat on a Diet!


32 pages
ISBN 0-670-83496-3
DDC jC813'.54




Illustrations by Heather Cooper
Reviewed by Linda Perry

Linda Perry is a senior policy analyst at the Ontario Ministry of
Colleges and Universities.


This children’s book is enriched by a collection of illustrations,
with every page suitable for framing. The story line, which puts forth a
moral of loving acceptance, is clear and gentle for even a very young
read-to audience. A grace note of particular appeal is a small mouse
capering cheerfully, like a leitmotif, throughout the book.

This is a story and format suitable for young children, as a read-to
book. As an early read-myself book, the level is about Grade 2 to 3. The
book’s charm is enhanced by its format, with the text superimposed on
the full-page illustrations.


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