Max the Mighty Superhero


96 pages
ISBN 1-894222-68-7
DDC jC813'.6






Illustrations by Helen Flook
Reviewed by Deborah Dowson

Deborah Dowson is a Canadian children’s librarian living in Powell,


Maximillian J. Wigglesworth knows that with a name like that he is meant
to be a millionaire, but he just hasn’t come up with the perfect
million-dollar money-making scheme yet. Somehow, his attempted
enterprises never turn out the way he plans. Even so, he hasn’t given
up trying.

In Max the Mighty Superhero, Max is more of a hindrance than a help as
he tries to intercede in situations where he is the only one who
perceives a problem. Yet his quest to be a hero inadvertently brings him
to the rescue of some puppies who are being abused in a puppy mill. In
Max the Movie Director, his friend and leading lady crashes her bicycle
and destroys a garden, but along with these calamities Max manages to
capture a con man on film, which leads to the man’s arrest and the end
of his scam.

The reader expects that Max will be disappointed in his effort to make
millions; nevertheless, it is fun to see what happens along the way.
Though he fails to achieve his goal, he accomplishes a great deal in
ways that are more important. These books have a lot of energy, humour,
and action, including plenty of physical comedy. The amusing
illustrations are a nice complement to the imaginative and entertaining
stories. Both books are recommended.


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